Where is Heathrow is simply explained

Where is Heathrow is a question that a lot of individuals have should they be arranging a visit to London and know that they will be going to go to that airport. It is really an important query, especially for those people that arrive at one airport and have to go quickly to another one in order to not miss their connecting flight.

Travel agencies know the minimum timeframe they must give travelers who will need to dash off to must

a secondairport in order to make a connecting flight. Travel companies who know where is Heathrow will often tell their customers that they need twice as much time as just the transport time between airports.

So where is Heathrow? Heathrow airport is the most significant of the six international airports that revolve around London. The additional airports are Gatwick, Stansted, Luton, London City and Southend. Business people arriving at any of these airports can discover transport to any of the other airports or into London.

Where is Heathrow as far as the city of London and its environs? Heathrow is located 22 km or 12 miles west of Greater London. It has two runways that accommodate its huge amount of traffic from around the globe, and four terminals. A private car service will meet passengers at one of these terminals. (Heathrow actually has five terminals, but one is closed for building work.) Heathrow is reached via a couple of motorways.

Where is Heathrow when it comes to getting to Gatwick? Gatwick is based 47 km, or 30 miles, south of central London. This airport, actually the second busiest in the UK, features two runways (but only one is used at a given time) and two terminals. The journey involving Heathrow and Gatwick takes at a minimum about 90 minutes, depending on traffic. The drive is via the M25.

Where is Heathrow as far as London City is concerned? London City Airport is found only 11 km or 7 miles east of the City of London. (The City of London is the actual centre of the city, not to be mistaken for Central London which surrounds it.) This airport has a single terminal and one runway. London City Airport is gotten to via the M25 motorway.

Where is Heathrow with regards to Luton? Luton is based 56 km or 35 miles north of London. The airport has one runway and one terminal. People get to it via the M1 motorway.

Where is Heathrow with regards to Stansted? Stansted is located 48 km or 30 miles northeast of Central London. It has just one runway and a single passenger terminal. The trip between Heathrow and Stansted takes about 90 minutes with excellent traffic (but bear in mind that is travel time between airports only, and does not include check in time or the time needed to get through security.) The drive to Stansted is via the M4, M25 and then the M11 motorways.

After a travel agent answers the question, Where is Heathrow, you can start planning your flight.

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